The Goodness Pays Leadership System©

Helping teams turn challenges into opportunities.

Most companies have financial systems, sales systems, and operating systems. What’s missing is a leadership system that pulls them all together to improve business results. The Goodness Pays Leadership System© is research-based, building on the common-sense idea: Goodness Pays. It’s about creating alignment, commitment, and open accountability. With coaching, you will turn these commonplace business challenges into opportunities for you to thrive:

Our strategy is not clear to everyone and our teams are pulled in opposite directions.

Hair-on-fire decision-making is creating confusion and fostering burnout.

Superhero leaders are dominating our culture and hurting our confidence.

Employee engagement scores are low and our results are suffering.

Top leaders are retiring and with no bench support our teams are vulnerable.

Our team decision-making is slow and we’re not aligned in our work.

Using a System Built on Ground-Breaking Research

How Goodness Pays Book

Ground-breaking research from the How Goodness Pays book confirms that leaders who have a compelling plan and make timely and transparent decisions in a team-based culture deliver better business results. The one-question survey, called the Goodness Pays Score, is a statistically significant predictor of business results.

Using a 1-10 scale: How would you rate your direct leader on proactively
promoting goodness in his/her decision-making within your organization?

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Goodness Pays Score

Tools and Processes Enhance the Impact of Coaching

Goodness Pays Leadership System©

Coaches apply a well-coordinated set of tools and processes to ensure the next level of success.


Big Opportunity

  • Breakthrough goal
  • How everyone benefits

Compelling Plan

  • Where to play, How to win
  • How I fit, Why I matter, How I thrive


  • Standard for magnetic ethics
  • Mapped to the Cornerstones of Goodness©


Shared Resources & Incentives

  • How we help each other
  • Profits healthy for all

Leadership Assessment and Development

  • Development planning: How leaders will step up to their own transformation
  • Right people in the right places

Positive Teamwork

  • Culture of concern
  • Measured by Team Momentum Survey


Leadership Expectation Model

  • Indiv / Team / Org levels
  • Measured by GPS

Public Scorecard

  • Quarterly review cadence
  • Transparent decision-making regarding progress: R-Y-G

Healthy Tension

  • Shared accountability
  • Nagging rights, with zero cost of candor

What to Expect:

  • Leadership Alignment Retreats –
    facilitated, interactive, off-site meetings
  • Individual executive coaching with Hogan Leadership Forecast
  • Coaching pods for small groups focused on the business
  • Research-based surveys to enhance open accountability and development planning
  • Webinars, podcasts, books, and tools for broader impact
  • Inspirational programming about How Goodness Pays

“Good Leadership provides a powerful, how-to model for the challenge of leading Innovation teams – finding that delicate balance between creativity and control.”

– Rick Lake, VP of Innovation, Scientific Applications Manufacturer

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