Are your team members giving
their discretionary effort to
help your organization grow?

Employee Engagement

90% of leaders say that an employee engagement strategy would positively impact their organization, yet only 25% report that they have such a strategy.

Today’s progressive organizations recognize that active employee engagement efforts allow them to build and sustain positive team momentum. They recognize the vital relationship between employee engagement and customer engagement. In fact, research suggests that companies with highly engaged employees generate 2.5x more revenue than organizations with low employee engagement. Our Employee Engagement Surveys are designed to measure employee perceptions on important issues that allow them to be at their best and encourage them to give the discretionary effort needed to help your organization thrive. (The Muse)

We will:
  • Review your operations with the management team, to ensure we understand the issues which are likely to affect employee perceptions and to customize the survey process to include all of the important variables management wishes to evaluate.
  • Perform a detailed analysis of the data and report our findings through a combination of written narratives, tables, and graphs to help you identify important issues and trends that are reflected by your employees.
  • Assure survey responses are blended to provide complete confidentiality to all participants and to assure data are analyzed according to various sortations that provide information that is actionable.
  • Prepare a final report which not only summarizes all of the key findings, but also includes recommendations that facilitate a proactive approach to improving employee relations.

Good Leaders monitor team metrics as part of
measuring their overall business results.

  • Improve decision-making and follow-through
  • Strengthen relationships that deliver better business results
  • Engage team members to deliver outstanding customer results
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Employee Assessments

Our team of professionals is certified in administering, reviewing, and facilitating application for a variety of the best employee assessment tools on the market. These tools can be quite valuable in the selection, coaching, team development, and leadership development efforts.

Assessments offered include:
  • Achiever
  • DISC
  • HBDI

  • Hogan

  • Strengths Finder

“Interaction Dynamics Group helps us measure employee engagement, as well as create and implement action plans for developing our leaders. As a result of their work, we have seen employee engagement improve year over year.”

– Dan Farrell, CEO, Allentown Housing Authority

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