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Performance Management

While 70% of employees report feeling more valued when they receive effective feedback, only 27% of employees strongly agree that the feedback they receive helps them work better. (Clear Company)

Performance Management is about more than conducting an annual review of each employee. When done well, performance management is the ongoing interaction that helps an employee know they are on track and that helps managers conduct insightful conversations throughout the year to monitor progress, coach employees for performance improvement, and help employees grow to their fullest potential. This cannot happen in one conversation per year. It takes alignment, commitment, and open accountability for true success.

Our team supports your team in implementing a well-rounded performance management system that includes:
  • Performance Planning – align corporate goals, department goals, and individual goals

  • Performance Discussions – monitor progress and coach for growth

  • Performance Evaluation – evaluate performance, celebrate successes and plan for improvements

When done well, effective performance management will help you improve consistency in promoting, transferring, and developing the right people throughout the organization. This will strengthen morale and retention of employees who know they are valued members of the team.

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Customized Job Profiling

To effectively engage employees as one team, it is important to consider that it is often not enough to know just “what to do.” It is also important to know the “how,” “why,” and “how well or how often” in order for people to bring their best ideas and contributions to the work they do. Without a clearly defined Job Profile, it is difficult to select, onboard, and develop the right team members. It is also difficult to assess what is working best in the scope of the role and where process or performance changes would enhance the team member experience, the customer experience, the team’s productivity, and the organization’s results.

The Customized Job Profile (CJP) allows managers and employees to plot a path from mission, vision, and values to measurable job objectives. The CJP not only helps you discover and delineate individual job functions (Key Result Areas), but it definitively measures successful completion of those Key Result Areas (KRAs) through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Most importantly, it improves the cooperation and working relationship across teams by establishing clear-cut individual accountability to the team, the department, and the organization as well. This opens up lines of communication across the team by clarifying expectations, processes, and terminology.

Documented Job Profiles benefit you in:
  • Clarity in Recruitment and Selection — create effective screening, selection and hiring efforts using the structure of the two models

  • Improved Onboarding — upgrading the onboarding process so each new team member hits the ground running, fully embraces the role as outlined and provides consistent representation

  • Enhanced Training — outlining an appropriate training framework to keep the models alive and to help them continually use the tools for most effectively conducting their job

  • Identification of Future Development Needs — use the models in determining future development needs across the team so they can make the best use of team meeting time in developing the team for future success

  • Increased Team Consistency — maintaining consistency of behavior, performance and cooperation among team members

  • Improved Performance Management — reviewing your existing performance management practices, adapting the models into the performance management structure and outlining ways to utilize the models in enhancing team member performance

  • Input on Future Structure — as the team uses the models in performing their role, you may identify ways in which the role could grow, change, or adapt. The models may allow you to develop career paths that help keep strong team members engaged as the organization grows and expands

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Expectation Modeling

When team members are functioning at their best, they are delivering outstanding business results, reinforcing a powerful company culture, and delivering customer experiences that help the customer, the team and the company to thrive. The Expectations Model serves as the basis for determining fit with the team and coaching team members to grow competently in their role. It clearly outlines how team members should behave and interact so everyone on the team can win together.

An effective Expectations Model outlines a clearly defined set of expectations for behavior and performance at the Individual, Team, and Organization levels. It narrows the focus of expectations to a practical set of behaviors that help you build and sustain a dynamic team.

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