The Good Leadership Approach

Good Leadership Training is an intense, facilitated, training experience where emerging leaders learn through proven tools, case studies, interactive discussions and real-time practice. As the workshop version of the firm’s executive coaching process, participants learn to use the same tools and concepts from Good Leaderships’ executive coaching services.

Good Leadership Training is offered in these five areas:

Good Leadership Training Fundamentals


Good Leadership Fundamentals: How Good Leaders Radiate Goodness

Goodness pays because goodness grows. It’s contagious. Learn how blending the Seven Fs and the Cornerstones of Goodness© will help you live with less stress and lead with more confidence in the Good Leadership Fundamentals training.

The challenges of good leadership today continue to mount: the speed of information is making us dizzy! Doing more with less is no longer a cliché. Many of our work/life pressures are wearing us thin. The Good Leadership Fundamentals training is the signature program of Good Leaderships because it helps leaders:

  • Develop a personal vision and strategic plan to guide our growth
  • Create an intellectually-honest self-assessment about how the Seven Fs are alive in our leadership: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun and fitness
  • Learn how fear impacts your effectiveness
  • Identify how to build relationships and make decisions on the Cornerstones of Goodness©: rewarding excellence, living generously, promoting fairness and spreading positivity
  • Use the Good Leadership Benchmark to build development strategies that will last a lifetime

The result: A positive, forward-looking development plan to help you become more magnetic to the best talent, and more attractive to the best customers in your world.


Good Leadership Training Team Leadership

Team Leadership: Learn How to Create Great Results with Your Team

How often is anything significant really accomplished alone? Learn how teams that create a compelling plan with shared commitments get great results working together in Good Leadership: Team Leader Training.

Team leadership is dynamic, challenging and critical to the success of any thriving organization. The best teams accept team leadership as a shared responsibility – not just the burden of the hierarchical leader. The greatest results happen when all team members:

  • Recognize how the structural and relational elements of team momentum are alive in their performance
  • Use peer coaching skills to help the team improve
  • Learn from the experience of other leaders to quickly improve team leadership
  • Give one another permission to take ownership over the elements of team momentum based on their strengths
  • Diagnose and make suggestions for team improvement when performance lags behind expectations
  • Build plans and solve the most difficult problems together, learning to appreciate each other as leaders

The result: Forward team momentum, accelerated careers, magnetic energy that attracts the best customers and talent, and improved performance!


Good Leadership Training Leading Change

Leading Change: Learn How to Skillfully Lead Change to Inspire a Strong Team

Is your company going through a leadership change or a process redesign? Is your team frayed or hitting a brick wall?

Accelerate your team talent, motivate team alignment, develop a strong succession plan, and drive performance with Good Leadership: Leading Change Training.

Scientists have proven that change is typically greeted with negativity. This negativity results in lack of team alignment, internal fighting, and passive resistance – the most expensive waste in an organization. The key to combating this reaction is to help people understand how they can feel like “winners” early in the cycle of change and loss.

The Good Leadership Training approach is simple and powerful. Curated from decades of Change Management and Leading Change Theories, our Leading Change Training uses proven methods and tools to help you skillfully lead change in ways that encourage and inspire the people most important to success.

What you’ll learn:

Leading Change is a facilitated, tool-based, insight-driven training experience which includes discussion groups, interactive exercises and coaching buddies.

Training participants will:

  • Learn how to apply the Head – Heart – Hands method for leading change: a process of explaining the intellectual reasons for change, emotionally enrolling individuals to commitment and empowering teams to be involved in planning.
  • Receive tools to maintaining personal resilience through times of change.
  • Gain insight into how change can help you grow into the leader you aspire to be.
  • Create a tailored My Start, Stop, Continue Development Plan, with practical Step Up Challenges aligned with their personal and professional aspirations.

The result: Powerful team camaraderie, alignment and improved overall performance.


Good Leadership Training Coaching Others

Coaching Others: Motivate and Inspire Others to Higher Performance

Are you a people-oriented leader who enjoys helping professionally develop others? Do you want to create a culture of encouragement in your business? Do you aspire to have magnetic energy that attracts the best talent?

Good leaders recognize that positive coaching helps people imagine what’s possible and create a plan to achieve it. Personalized coaching development improves confidence, motivation and sustainable behavior change, resulting in better performance, team alignment, talent retention and magnetic energy with customers.

The Good Leadership Training approach to Coaching Others is people-oriented and powerful. Coaching Others training builds skills which can be cultivated and multiplied, producing alignment and accountability in teams. It’s about creating great results by motivating others to reach their highest potential.

During this one-day intensive training, you will develop critical leadership skills and learn how to encourage aspirational thinking, facilitate goal setting and establish tactics that cultivate high performance. The result: You will be a better coach on the job and a leader that attracts the best talent.

Why Coaching Others Works:

Executives today need to develop a sustainable leadership style based on integrity and authenticity. It’s a journey which requires two skills: competency and character. Competency is the skill of good leadership and character is how a good leader responds to the unexpected twists and turns of a dynamic business environment.

Coaching Others training focuses on effective individualized coaching techniques, without criticism or performance evaluation. This approach promotes the Cornerstones of Goodness, the concept that leaders who reward excellence, live generously, promote fairness and spread positivity radiate goodness, resulting in these proven business outcomes:

  • Attraction and retention of the best talent
  • Accountability, alignment, teamwork and trust
  • Magnetic energy with customers
  • Consistently meeting (or exceeding) financial expectations

Good Leadership Training Influence without Authority

Influence without Authority: How To Get Big Things Done Right

When good leaders, work together with good intentions great things are possible. Working together is the only way we are going to grow our businesses and create a hopeful future. Learn how to create momentum for your ideas, and secure the commitment of resources beyond your control in the Good Leadership: Influence Without Authority Training.

Doing more with less is no longer a cliché. With fewer people controlling the resources, collaboration through respectful influence is the only way to make great things possible. Influence Without Authority training increases leadership effectiveness because it helps leaders:

  • Let go of traditional ways of influence that often don’t work
  • Understand what’s required to influence up, down and sideways in your organization
  • Build strategies to influence without direct authority
  • Make the day-to-day work with people rewarding both personally and professionally
  • Tailor communication and presentation styles to the needs of our audience
  • Identify power structures and self-interests of people on an Influence Map
  • Use the Cornerstones of Goodness© to improve influence: excellence, generosity, fairness and positivity

The result: A positive, forward-looking development plan to engage the right people in the right discussions for the benefit of the organization.


The Good Leadership Approach:

  • Generate motivation and excitement to build something special
  • Uncover who is ready and committed, and who is not
  • Agree on Top 3 Can’t Miss Organizational Priorities
  • Develop the ability to trust
  • Find confidence to make bold decisions
  • Negotiate shared commitments so everyone wins
  • Create healthy tension that is required for teams to be great
  • Encourage teams to celebrate progress and wins

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